Snow and Ice Management

Cool snow & ice management services in Golden Valley, New Hope, Plymouth, MN!

What is included in our snow & ice management services?

Snow and ice can be lovely to look at from a distance, but not always the best thing for your property up close. We can help with proper snow and ice removal, so your property stays safe to walk around.

Why should I choose Dow’s Lawn and Snow?

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Snow and Ice Management

What good does snow & ice management do for my property?

Keeps your grass less stressed

Your grass is like the backdrop for the rest of your landscape – if it becomes badly damaged, it’ll be more than noticeable. If the harsh winter leaves your turf looking like it has seen better days, have no fear! In the spring we can bring your grass back to life with fertilization, aeration, overseeding, and weed control services!

Provides access to your home or business

We can provide plowing to clear your streets, parking lots, or driveways. We offer snow removal for sidewalks and salting to keep walkways extra safe for pedestrians. For business owners, this allows customers to enter and prevents the risk of lawsuits from slips and falls, reducing your winter worries.  

Provides safer environment

Whether it’s a personal residence or business property, safety is always crucial with anyone who may be walking around your property. Salting, when done properly, keeps the chances of falls and injuries to a minimum!

What are some things to know about snow and ice management?

You cannot escape the snow

If you live in areas that snow a lot, you know there’s no way around it – it’s going to come whether you like it or not. In fact, there are about 105 snow-producing storms every year that affect cities around the country! So there is no doubt that removal services are necessary.

Residential uses these services most

While other properties such as retail and commercial utilize snow and ice management, residential brings in the most work for the companies that offer it. They make up about 34% of the industry themselves!

The winter season here enjoys a Minnesota goodbye…

Everyone in our state knows that the winters are not short… to say the least. Typically, weather records indicate that each year we can expect snowfall to occur from November to April. This leaves our residents looking for snow and ice management solutions for almost HALF of each year. A reliable team to assist with this burden can make things so much easier!

Do you want to keep your residential or commercial property clear of snow and ice in Golden Valley, New Hope, Plymouth, Crystal, MN? Then, you don’t have to worry for much longer – Dow’s Lawn and Snow will be here to give you the safe property you deserve! We are dedicated to helping our local neighbors in the community battle mother nature each winter season! When the flurries are finally finished, we will be here to support your lawn and landscape too!

Superior Lawn Care, Lawn Maintenance, and Snow or Ice Management in Golden Valley, New Hope, Plymouth, MN and their nearby areas.

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