Fertilization & Weed Control

Superior fertilization & weed control services in Golden Valley, New Hope, Plymouth, MN!

What is included in our fertilization & weed control services?

There are plenty of ways you can encourage new, healthy growth around your property – but some work better than others. Our services include fertilizer application and various weed control tactics to keep invasive weeds off your lawn and your grass growing how it should.

Why should I choose Dow’s Lawn and Snow?

  • Free estimates to all new customers
  • We offer senior citizens and military discounts
  • We use premium products, like T-Zone, which contains organic matter that will infuse your lawn with the nitrogen it needs to thrive. This is also proven to be more effective when it comes to eliminating noxious weeds, such as Creeping Charlies from your lawn.
  • Quality customer service and constant professionalism

What good does fertilization & weed control do for my turf?

Lush grass is right around the corner

Everyone wants a thick, green, lush lawn – but that doesn’t happen overnight, and not without a bit of help. Fertilizing your lawn can encourage this type of growth, giving you that perfect lawn look you’ve been striving for!

Recovery is much easier

Your grass takes quite a lot of abuse over time between pets, outdoor entertaining, yard games, children, etc. However, when you have proper treatments done to your lawn, the grass has an easier time recovering and bouncing back from all those day-to-day activities.

Your grass won’t be competing for nutrients

When weeds make their way onto your property, they start soaking up the air, water, nitrogen, and light that your grass needs to survive. Proper weed control keeps these invaders at bay, so your grass doesn’t have these nutrients stolen from it.

What are some things to know about fertilization & weed control?

You’ll have better luck with the pros

It may go without saying, but anything you do through the help of a professional is bound to offer better results. For example, hiring people to take care of fertilization and weed control will ultimately make your grass a lot healthier, as they are trained to know what it needs and how much!

Weeds are plants, too

While they’re not the plants you want in your yard, they function the same way other plants do. However, weeds grow two different ways: by seed spreading or growing up from the roots of the “parent” plant!

Do you want to add quality and functionality to your residential or commercial properties? Then, you don’t have to worry for much longer – Dow’s Lawn and Snow will be here to give you the landscape you deserve!

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