Maple Grove

The best quality lawn maintenance and snow & ice management in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

This beautiful area was initially settled in 1851, founded in 1858, then finally officially incorporated in 1954 – over the years, history was made, and positive changes occurred. It is a beautiful prairie and wooded area that started as a small community and grew over time alongside other flowering communities. Over time, people of different nationalities continued settling here, and the small community expanded to accommodate the increase in residents. Sheep were a top commodity for the people here, and the wool from them was used to make clothes amongst other things; the rest sold in shops that began to open up.

Today the city remains primarily a residential area – however, there’s a lovely downtown area filled with shops and other small businesses to walk around and explore. If you’re a beer connoisseur, you can take a quick trip over to the OMNI Brewing Co. to see what they have debuted. The Fish Lake Regional Park or shops to browse if you’re looking for a relaxed day. For those of you looking for a bit of adventure, you could try out the Central Park Ice Skating Trails, Venetian Indoor Waterpark, or Prokart Indoor Racing! Either way, we’re sure you’ll find something to put a smile on your face. We’ll continue serving the residents of this area for many years, just as we have been!

Why should I choose Dow’s Lawn and Snow, Inc.?

  • Not all lawn companies offer snow & ice services as well
  • We only offer the highest quality customer service and professionalism
  • We take care of our customers like family

What can Dow’s do for you?

  • Lawn Care – the types of jobs that keep your lawn healthy from the inside out; these jobs can include things such as weed control, aeration, overseeding, and fertilizer application
  • Lawn Maintenance – what needs to be taken care of around the landscape to keep it neat and well-maintained; mowing, mulch, landscape bed maintenance, and shrub pruning included
  • Snow & Ice Management – snow and ice can be lovely to observe from a distance, but up close, they’re a nuisance; we clear away these troublesome areas to keep the landscape safe
  • Seasonal Cleanups – every time of year is an excellent time to clean up messy areas around your lawn, but spring and fall are the worst; we clear away dead or dying plants, leaves, and other pesky debris

What’s the benefit of lawn maintenance and snow & ice management?

  • A drastic increase in safety for you and your guests
  • Less labor or time spent trying to get rid of ice & snow
  • Upgraded curb appeal and increase in home value
  • Decrease in damages to your hard surfaces
  • Promotes healthier and stronger growth
  • Increases time spent outdoors/having outdoor gatherings
  • You’ll expand your lawn’s lifespan by a great deal
Not satisfied with the way your lawn is looking or functioning? Are you tired of trying to dig your way out of snow and ice troubles? Then, give us a call today – find out how our superior services can benefit you!

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