Perfect lawn maintenance and snow & ice management in Plymouth, Minnesota.

While Plymouth has been around much longer, it wasn’t Minnesota official until 1855, where it sits on the northwest end of Parkers Lake. Then, more settlers made their way in, and they all decided to organize their new living area. Eventually, schools, a post office, and churches were put up – and even hotels later in 1863. However, among most settlers, the leading trade was still farming. As the times began to evolve, so did the area of Plymouth – it grew to become a tourist hotspot along Medicine Lake and is still lovely to visit to this day.

There’s plenty to see or enjoy around Plymouth – the residents who live here are lucky enough to take part in them every day. Should you end up here at any point, you’ll have a great time! The French Regional Park and Parkers Lake Trail are beautiful to stroll around and snap some scenic pictures. You could catch a movie at the Plymouth Grand 15 movie theater or get in a fun workout at the Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park! There’s a reason we love this community and love serving this community – and we look forward to doing just that long into the future!

Why should I choose Dow’s Lawn and Snow, Inc.?

  • We take special care of our clients with every interaction, just as if they were family
  • Our business is unique – we offer snow & ice services as well
  • Our professionalism and customer service are the highest

What can Dow’s do for your Plymouth property?

  • Lawn Care – these tasks focus on the actual care of the plants themselves; everything from fertilizer applications to weed control, aeration to overseeding
  • Lawn Maintenance – if you want to keep the lawn looking neat and well-groomed, these are the jobs you’re looking for; mowing, shrub pruning, landscape bed maintenance, and mulch are part of that
  • Snow & Ice Management – snow & ice can become significant hazards on your property; we can remove these hazards so you don’t have to worry about any accidents
  • Seasonal Cleanups – cleanups are a necessary part of lawn care, getting rid of leaves and other debris that clutter it up

What’s the benefit of lawn maintenance and snow & ice management?

  • Encourages healthier growth around your landscape
  • Encourages you and your family to spend more quality time outdoors
  • The lifespan of your property will skyrocket
  • You and your guests will have an increase in safety
  • Your surfaces will not have as high a risk of damages
  • Curb appeal and value to increase by a lot
  • Lowered amount of labor or time used to eliminate snow & ice

What’s the benefit of aeration and overseeding?

Aeration repairs the damaging effects soil compaction can have on your lawn. If your lawn has puddles or hardened soil, it may be compacted. There might also be dead grass or bare patches in some areas. Soil compaction prevents air, water, and nutrients from reaching your soil and grassroots. When aerating your lawn, we actually poke holes into your soil. This sounds bad, but it reverses the previous damage and allows your lawn to breathe freely again! Afterwards, overseeding will allow new, healthy grass to grow where the bare patches once were. With this powerful combination of services, you can get ready for your best lawn yet!

Is your lawn not quite in the shape you want it to be? Not sure how to dig your way out of any snow and ice troubles? Then, give us a call today – find out how our superior services can benefit you!

Superior Lawn Care, Lawn Maintenance, and Snow or Ice Management in Golden Valley, New Hope, Plymouth, MN and their nearby areas.

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