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The Township of Champlin was initially organized in 1858, but in 1942 that township grew to become an actual village. Later on, in 1971, it was finally incorporated to be a city – a visual example of growth and evolving with the times! This city is full of rich, exciting history that the people of this area have been fighting to preserve for many years. For example, a schoolhouse stood there for over 125 years, and instead of being torn down, people chose to upgrade things like the electrical and foundation! There is more than just history to this city, though; there are also fun activities to keep yourself entertained! the

If you’re looking for pretty natural views and fun places to hike, there’s always the Harold H. Johnson Park and Elm Creek Singletrack Trail to go check out. You could always enjoy some time at Doris A. Kemp Park – there are places to enjoy the water on the lake if you’d like. You could also catch a movie at the Mann Champlin Cinema 14 or get crafty at the Ladybug Pottery + Parties studio! Should you find yourself or your family in the area, you’re sure to have a great time, we guarantee it. We look forward to working for the city’s great residents as long as we can!

Why should I choose Dow’s Lawn and Snow, Inc.?

  • A lot of other lawn companies do not offer snow and ice services
  • We keep to a high standard of customer service and professionalism
  • Our customers are like family – they actually mean something to us

What can Dow’s do for you?

  • Lawn Care – various lawn jobs that keep the greenery around your landscape healthy; we can do weed control, fertilizer applications, aeration, and overseeding
  • Lawn Maintenance – your landscape needs work to keep it looking neat and controlled; our services include landscape bed maintenance, shrub pruning, mulch, and mowing
  • Snow & Ice Management – Snow and ice can cause a multitude of issues around your property; clearing away snow and getting rid of built-up ice will help tremendously
  • Seasonal Cleanups – your lawn can become quickly cluttered with fallen leaves or develop eyesores via dying plants; we clear out those eyesores and get rid of the clutter

What’s the benefit of lawn maintenance and snow & ice management?

  • Decreased risks of hard surface damages
  • Keeping up the curb appeal and value of your property
  • Lowers the labor and time spent clearing away snow and ice
  • Increases the safety around your property
  • Encourages more outdoor time/outdoor gatherings
  • Promotes much healthier growth around your lawn
  • The longevity of your lawn will be drastically increased
Does your landscape need a lot of help to boost its look and functionality? Don’t know how to get yourself out of trouble with snow and ice? Then, give us a call today – find out how our superior services can benefit you!

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