Lawn Care

High-quality lawn care services in Golden Valley, New Hope, Plymouth, Crystal, MN!

What is included in our care services?

Lawn care is about more than maintaining your landscape – it’s about taking steps to keep the individual parts of it growing healthy. Our services include fertilizer and weed control to keep your lawn looking great and maintain the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Why should I choose Dow’s Lawn and Snow?

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Lawn Care

What good does lawn care do for my landscape?

Your lawn will have consistency

When it comes to keeping your lawn at its healthiest, inconsistency can do some severe damage to it. However, consistent lawn care routines can improve the health and functionality of your entire landscape!

Keeps the air surrounding it clean

Clean air is crucial for your and your landscape’s health – there’s no doubt about it. A well-cared-for lawn can trap dust, smoke, allergens, and other pollutants while providing large amounts of clean, fresh air to the other greenery and yourself!

Your lawn won’t get overheated

The sun is a beautiful thing, keeping us warm and helping things grow – but sometimes the heat can be a bit much. A landscape that’s healthy and cared for can help cool down your property in the same way 70 tons of air conditioning would! So your lawn (and you) will keep much cooler.

What are some things to know about lawn care?

Not all plants were created equal

There are multiple different types of grass and plants that are good for warm weather and others best for colder weather. Proper lawn care includes knowing which is best for each and what will thrive in your area the most.

Lawn care helps gives you air

If your lawn or landscape has had proper lawn care routines done, you’re contributing to the production of oxygen! Landscapes are three times more effective at producing oxygen than even trees are.

Is your soil compacted?

Have you noticed your lawn isn’t looking it’s best? If so, soil compaction might be the cause. When your soil is compacted, you’ll notice areas where it is so hard that you cannot penetrate it with a shovel. Puddles will start to form since rain water cannot penetrate the hardened soil either. Without water, your lawn will develop brown spots, dead patches, and bare areas eventually.

What lawn care services can reverse the damage of soil compaction?

Luckily there’s a solution for your damaged turf! A powerful combination of services, aeration and overseeding, can make it look like compacted soil was never a problem on your property. Removing soil plugs during aeration gets your lawn breathing again. Now that air, water, and the necessary nutrients can penetrate your grass roots, there will be a perfectly healthy environment for new seeds to thrive in! Before you know it, your lawn will look luscious and your curb appeal will sky rocket!

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