Landscape Maintenance

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What is included in our landscape maintenance services?

Landscape maintenance is the process of taking time to clean up the different parts of your landscape, making it look neat and fantastic. The services we provide include shrub pruning, mowing, and mulch application – all to keep your lawn under control and to function how it should.

Why should I choose Dow’s Lawn and Snow?

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What good does landscape maintenance do for my landscape?

Adds to the visual appeal of your home

A lot can be done to make your landscape look beautiful; keeping it clean-cut and maintained is just one of them! As a result, your property will be beautiful to look at, and others will enjoy observing it, too.

Plants have room to grow

If your lawn isn’t being trimmed up and tended to, the plants will run out of room to grow and expand if needs be. This result is them becoming drowned out or overburdened trying to provide nutrients for every part of every plant. Maintenance allows them space to breathe and thrive!

Heat causes problems, maintenance controls it

While you won’t stop the heat from affecting your lawn ultimately, you can take steps to limit it. However, proper maintenance creates a cooling effect around your landscape during these extra warm times of the year!

What are some things to know about landscape maintenance?

Maintenance saves you time and your back

There’s nothing wrong with getting outside to tend to the landscape a bit yourself – the average homeowner spends about 5 to 8.5 days each year doing work to care for their lawns! With the right help, you could cut this number down and spare your poor back some pain!

Not all lawns are a full day’s work

While there are some lawns or properties that are larger, not all of them require a day of work to maintain. The average property size is about ⅕ an acre, making time for more than one property in a day!

Are you looking for the best possible ways to upgrade your residential or commercial property? Then, you don’t have to worry for much longer – Dow’s Lawn and Snow will be here to give you the landscape you deserve!

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