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What is included in our mulch installation services?

Mulch installations are one of the best ways to help protect the plants and flowers you have growing on your landscape – from extreme cold and warm weather! We make sure the appropriate amount is applied in the areas that will benefit the most.

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What good does mulch installation do for my landscape?

Mulch helps your soil

The greenery around your home aren’t the only things to benefit from mulch – as it breaks down, it releases certain nutrients back into the soil. So what your soil may be lacking, the mulch can be helping to replace.

Protects from harsh weather

The most significant help your landscape will receive from mulch is weather protection, both hot and cold. It keeps warm when the weather is too cold and keeps the harsh sun rays away when it’s overly warm out!

Water retention isn’t an issue

Sometimes your landscape beds, in particular, will struggle because the water they need evaporates before they can soak up what they need! Mulch helps retain water in the soil, allowing those plants to absorb more so they can grow.

What are some things to know about mulch installation

Organic mulch isn’t the only kind out there

While many people turn to organic mulch like bark, hay, or grass clippings, more types offer various perks. There’s also rubber and rock mulch – the latter of which can prevent weed growth and also could extend your growing season!

You’ll notice a decrease in pests

Pests are a potential issue no matter where you live, but there are plenty of ways to lower the risk of issues with them. Mulch helps to deter those pests and keeps them away from your precious plants! Weeds are pests too and mulch decreases their growth on your property, while also providing a safe spot for bees and butterflies to hibernate in the winter! 

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