The top-notch lawn care, lawn maintenance and snow & ice management in Crystal, Minnesota.

The wonderful city of Crystal was officially organized as the Crystal Lake Township in 1860, though the area existed for many years beforehand. It started as merely a couple of settlers who made their way to the area, followed by more families and individuals in the coming years. Next, a shingle mill was built on the creek, followed by a flour mill; eventually, businesses such as a blacksmith, dry goods, a hotel, and a post office joined the mix. Finally, this township became a city in 1960 and still stands today!

Starting from very little, this city has grown into today’s great area. You can have some fun at the New Hope Bowl & Lounge or work up a sweat at the Skyzone Trampoline Park. If you’d like a relaxing but wonderful experience, the Padelford Riverboat is just the thing for you! You could also explore the unknown with the WildFlower Party Psychics & Mystical Entertainment or simply surround yourself with nature by camping in the country. You’ll find something to do here, and for us, we consider ourselves very lucky to be able to serve the residents who live here!

Why should I choose Dow’s Lawn and Snow, Inc.?

  • Our standards are very high for professionalism and customer service
  • We offer snow & ice services, while other companies don’t
  • We take care of our customers; they’re family to us

What can Dow’s do for your Crystal property?

  • Lawn Care – landscape jobs that tend to the health of your greenery; this includes tasks such as fertilizer application, weed control, aeration, and overseeding
  • Lawn Maintenance – making sure your landscape looks neat and taken care of; mowing, shrub pruning, mulch, and landscape bed maintenance are all included
  • Snow & Ice Management – ice and snow are very hazardous when walking or driving on them; we ensure these nuisances are cleared out and ready for activity
  • Seasonal Cleanups – these lawns jobs may be straight-forward, but they’re still an essential part of caring for your lawn; clearing the landscape of any debris such as fallen leaves

What’s the benefit of lawn maintenance and snow & ice management?

  • You will increase your lawn’s lifespan
  • Boosts curb appeal and home value
  • Encourages more outdoor time
  • Promotes healthier growth amongst plants
  • Lowers the risk of damage to hard surfaces
  • Immensely increases safety for you and others
  • Lowers time you spend removing ice & snow yourself

What are the benefits of aeration and overseeding

It sounds like poking holes throughout your lawn would be a bad thing right? Believe it or not, just the opposite is true! Aeration removes plugs of soil from your turf. If your lawn has been damaged, has puddles, hardened soil, dead patches, or bare spots, your soil is probably compacted. The good news is that aeration reverses the negative effects of soil compaction. After this service is done, we can use overseeding to help your lawn grow lush and healthy once more. This combination of services is sure to give you a legendary lawn that will make your neighbors jealous!

Are you struggling to get your landscape to look how you’d like it too? Snow and ice giving you any trouble? Then, give us a call today – find out how our superior services can benefit you!

Superior Lawn Care, Lawn Maintenance, and Snow or Ice Management in Golden Valley, New Hope, Plymouth, MN and their nearby areas.

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