Seasonal Cleanups

Seasoned seasonal cleanups services in Golden Valley, New Hope, Plymouth, MN!

What is included in our seasonal cleanups services?

There are going to be times when your landscape gets cluttered and a bit on the messy side. Our services include cleaning up those areas that have gotten messy, ridding your landscape of leaves, branches, and more! We pride ourselves on our proven method, recommended by the University of Minnesota! In October, we chop your leaves, turning them into compost and infusing more nutrients into your soil quicker. This is beneficial for your turf and the microorganisms existing in it. On your last cleanup visit, we bag everything up, leaving your property looking pristine! 

Why should I choose Dow’s Lawn and Snow?

  • The senior citizens and military in our community get discounts
  • Potential new clients receive free estimates
  • Our professionalism and high-end customer service is unbeatable
  • The services we offer are highest quality and reliable

What good do seasonal cleanups do for my landscape?

Plants will continue growing well

Part of cleaning up your property is cleaning up the dead or dying parts of your landscape that’s lending to that “messy” look. When you do this, the plants will continue growing stronger and healthier!

Eliminates chances of grass diseases

When you allow leaves to sit on your landscape’s grass, you’re trapping in moisture on the blades, which can lead to mold and mildew buildup. These can spread throughout the lawn and cause other diseases that eventually kill your grass!

The landscape with get the light is deserves

Debris can, unfortunately, keep sunlight from reaching things on your lawn like grass, making it weak and sick. Keeping that debris cleaned up will allow your greenery to soak up all the sun it needs to grow and thrive!

What are some things to know about seasonal cleanups?

Some of those leaves can become beneficial

While too many leaves on your lawn aren’t good, there could be a use for them after all. You can chop up those leaves with a mower, turning them into good mulch or compost to enrich your soil instead!

Cleanups are more useful in Fall or Spring

Keeping your lawn clean all year long is terrific and will help keep it healthy – but it will come in handy more during Fall and Spring. These times of the year are when dying plants and fallen leaves are at their highest and need to be taken cleared away the most.

Does your residential or commercial property need assistance getting where you need it to be? You don’t have to worry for much longer – Dow’s Lawn and Snow will be here to give you the landscape you deserve!

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