Brooklyn Park

The top-tier lawn maintenance and snow & ice management in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

The area of Brooklyn Park originally started as part of the Missouri Territory in the early 19th century. Pioneers began settling there in 1852 after the government opened the area. That same year, the township not only became a reality – it was the start of the growth of this area. It looked a lot different than what it does now, as there weren’t even any roads – only simple trails to get around on. Over the next couple of years, more settlers came, and it was named Brooklyn Township after their home territory. It was a bit smaller than what’s now known as Brooklyn Center, but still, a great place to live to this day nonetheless!

If you find yourself in this area, we’re sure you’ll be able to discover the fun to be had. One of the best things about Brooklyn Park is the fantastic scenery that surrounds it – there are a lot of places to snap some gorgeous pictures and take in the beauty of nature. The Coons Rapids Dam Regional Park and Rush Creek Regional Park are excellent options for you if that’s the case. You and the family can take a short trip over to the Brunswick Zone XL bowling alley to have some family fun, too! There are shops, of course, if you find yourself in need of anything. We love the area and the people here even more so – and they love being residents here as well. Our team will keep on serving those residents for many years to come!

Why should I choose Dow’s Lawn and Snow, Inc.?

  • Our professionalism and customer service is at their highest
  • We care about all of our customers; they’re like our family
  • We’re a lawn company that also takes care of snow & ice

What can Dow’s do for you?

  • Lawn Care – landscape routines that incorporate different ways to keep your greenery growing healthy and strong; aeration, overseeding, fertilizer application, and weed control all included
  • Lawn Maintenance – differing tasks around your landscape that help keep it looking excellent and clean; shrub pruning, mulch, mowing, and landscape bed maintenance all being part of that
  • Snow & Ice Management – keeping track of how much snow and ice has accumulated; clearing away any built-up snow and ice that can become or is a hazard
  • Seasonal Cleanups – cleaning up your lawn to keep it healthy and clutter-free; we can remove any fallen branches and leaves, along with dying greenery that needs to go

What’s the benefit of lawn maintenance and snow & ice management?

  • Much less damage done to your hard surfaces
  • Your safety will no longer be at-risk
  • Enhancements in both curb appeal and home value
  • Your lawn will succumb to fewer damages
  • Keeping your lawn’s lifespan as long as possible
  • It inspires you to spend a lot more time outdoors
  • You notice healthier, stronger growth around your landscape
Is your landscape not up to the standard you want it to be? Want to find out the best ways to get out of any snow and ice troubles? Then, give us a call today – find out how our superior services can benefit you!

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