Lawn Maintenance

Reliable lawn maintenance services in Golden Valley, New Hope, Plymouth, Crystal, MN!

What is included in our lawn maintenance services?

Lawn maintenance is one of the top ways homeowners and commercial properties keep their lawns looking fantastic. Our services include mowing, edging, trimming, and other tasks to keep every aspect of your property in the best shape it can be. We are well known in the area for our attention to detail when it comes to edging along hard surfaces to create a crisp, more pristine look for your property! 

Why should I choose Dow’s Lawn and Snow?

  • Professionalism and high-end customer service
  • Reliable, quality services every time
  • We offer free estimates to new, potential customers
  • We recognize senior citizens and the military with discounted rates
Lawn Maintenance

What good does lawn maintenance do for my property?

Provides habitats for wildlife

Having a functional landscape around your home allows many different critters to take refuge on your property and thrive. These can include bees, birds, and beautiful butterflies!

Less damage in the long run

Most homeowners don’t know much about proper lawn care, and therefore if they try to take on specific tasks themselves, they could do much more harm than good. Instead, you’re protecting your landscape more by ensuring it’s being cared for in the way that it needs!

The soil beneath your plants will be healthier

The soil in your lawn is one of the most essential parts of your lawn – if it’s not healthy, the plants and flowers growing up from it won’t be. In addition, a well-maintained lawn can prevent soil erosion by water or wind!

What are some things to know about lawn maintenance?

Lush lawns improve water quality

Your lawn can help those around you when it comes to water – lush, healthy lawns slow down run-off and allow water to trickle back down to the water table. It does so about 15 times better than lawns that are patchy or filled with unhealthy growth, such as weeds.

You’re not alone with hiring professionals

Hiring others to come in and help take care of your lawn can be nerve-wracking at first. However, you’d be one of over 22 million homeowners who hire someone to keep their landscape healthy!

It can be very dangerous!

It might seem easy enough to mow your own lawn, but it can actually be quite hazardous. Each year more than 85,000 Americans are hospitalized from accidents involving lawn mowers! Furthermore, at least 20% of those injuries result in amputations needing to occur. The most common body parts affected are hands and fingers. It is all too easy to catch these in the blades of a mower. With these terrifying statistics to consider, the cost of hiring a professional lawn maintenance company pales in comparison to the much larger cost of a hospital visit or serious change to your lifestyle after an accident. If you do not regularly use outdoor power equipment, you are much more at risk for these types of injuries.

Do you want to upgrade the quality of your residential or commercial property in Golden Valley, New Hope, Plymouth, Crystal, MN? Then, you don’t have to worry for much longer – Dow’s Lawn and Snow will be here to give you the landscape you deserve!

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